We were just blessed with a twenty minute blackout, and I am only being 35% sarcastic.  We have them once in awhile, but typically during storms or during the day.  Tonight, for no apparent reason, the power went out for a full twenty minutes and we were left to our own devices.  We had that moment of panic where we wonder what we will do with ourselves all evening without access to tv and internet, or even plausible reading light.  But then we stepped outside and saw this:

and we realized we just might have missed this perfect night of more stars than we've ever seen, if we had been stuck in front of our computers or watching tv. 

And okay, I know the image doesn't really capture it.  I just put my camera on the ground and pushed the button.  I think it was a 5 second shutter at 6400 ISO.  But who even knew stars came in so many fabulous colors?

Julie Comfort2 Comments