In the backyard

I was in the middle of this blog post earlier when the power went out (see below).  But I think I was saying that my favorite thing about our new place is the backyard.  It's really private, very quiet (if you don't consider the grackles, woodpeckers, and howlers), shady, and serene.  I got up super early the other morning, at an hour I don't normally get to experience, and I was trying to capture how peaceful and quiet it was at 6am. 

I was so excited to have this private time to myself to sit in the yard and read.  Then I saw the reflection of the trees in the pool and went to grab my camera.  I was standing there in my little nightgown the above pictures when the pool guy shows up.  (So this is when the pool gets cleaned....) He was incredibly polite, but must've thought it was strange to see the gringa in her pajamas taking pictures of the pool water.  I went inside to read instead.

A couple days later we were hanging out in the yard in the late afternoon and I happened to notice this guy:

I remember learning about these things in 5th grade science class.  There were a good several minutes there where we couldn't be sure if it was an actual stick or not.  But then we got it to move.  He was cool.

And of course, today Tully was looking especially adorable in her new clothes and I had to shoot some portraits.

Here's a shot of the house from across the pool.  It makes the pool look way bigger than it is.  You can see my badass pink beach cruiser in this shot.  I had actually bought a blue one, but the second day I road it, the pedal flew off.  I went to exchange it and of course all they had left was pink.  Anyone who remembers Tully's baby shower knows how I feel about pink.

I am having a very blogg-y day today.  Scroll down for today's other two posts.  I have one more to come, but I think I will save that for tomorrow.

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