intimacy, trust, intuition.

I truly get how vulnerable it is to be photographed. To have the spotlight entirely on you. To be deeply seen. But my superpower is to give you the freedom to be wholly, unselfconsciously yourself in front of the camera, without the awkwardness.

I am more than just a witness or storyteller. The way I engage with you affects the outcome of the photo. How confident and comfortable I make you feel reflects back onto my lens. I’m not just a bystander with a camera. I’m a creative conspirator.

An award-winning international wedding photographer for over 12 years, I’m now exclusively offering elopement and portrait photography in Denmark and Germany.

Get to know me.


At weddings I am keenly observant. And deeply awake. Guided by intimacy and intuition, I work hard to earn your trust and make you feel at ease in front of the camera as I seek out those perfect, harmonious moments. I am accommodating. Sensitive. And powerfully moved by beauty, connection, and truth.

And I’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot. Even if it means jumping into freezing cold water!

Choosing a photographer to document one of the most extraordinary milestones in your life is not a decision to be made by crunching numbers, or with pros and cons lists. You make it with your heart, and your gut. Nowadays you have plenty of options, but when your insides are saying yes, you know you’ve found the one. Let’s chat about how we can work together to create the photos of your dreams.