La Playa

Things are going well so far in Costa Rica.  We moved into a different house closer to the beach and town so that we can walk everywhere and not have to rely so much on the car.  Gas is $7/gallon here so aside from all the other reasons not to drive, that is a pretty good one.  Our new house is huge, so we probably won't be able to afford to stay there beyond the rainy season.  And it is definitely the rainy season.  When we first arrived it rained only at night, now it rains pretty much all the time.  We have some new neighbors... instead of monkeys we have a family of huge lizards living in our roof.  I will try to get pictures of them soon.  They are pretty big, sometimes it sounds like there are people walking around up there.  Not much else going on.  We pretty much just work, swim, eat, work out, study Spanish, read, and watch movies.  Tully is blissfully happy here, typically running around naked and just exploring her environment.  If the words she uses most often are any indication of her priorities, I would say the most important things in her life right now are Cheese, Bubbles, and the Pool.  Although pretty much any body of water, from puddles to the ocean are Pools to her.  Here are some recent photos:

Tully made a friend this morning at breakfast:

And the following photos were all taken by Joe:

That's all for now.  We'll probably take off this weekend to go on a little road trip around the country, stop in San Jose for some meetings and then a few coastal town for more meetings and relaxation before heading back here. 

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