Lost in Costa Rica, Part II

Yesterday we had a perfect day.  We took off heading south making our first visit to see what Tamarindo was all about.  We passed through, taking note of the abundant variety of restaurants and shops lacking in our tiny town, and feeling satisfied that we had seen the place without ever leaving our car, we continued South along the coast, following signs (when available) to Playa Avellanas.  We did take one wrong turn on the way and the road suddenly ended at a security gate (???) so we turned back and eventually found ourselves at a little parking lot on the beach where a group of surfers were unloading their boards.  Tully was asleep in the back and I felt we should just head on back to the main road and keep going toward Playa Negra, but Joe insisted on getting out of the car for a minute to check out the beach.

I'm so glad that he did.  What he found was the perfect little beach hideaway, the lovely Lola's.  It's a simple beachside restaurant with hand carved wooden tables and chairs scattered among the shade, hammocks strung up between palm trees, large pieces of driftwood artfully arranged for relaxed lounging, and of course, Lola herself, a giant spotted pig wandering the grounds.  It was paradise... with a bar.  We chose a table closest to the seaview and ordered some delicious bocas (appetizers), smoothies, and beer and spent a blissful couple of hours before we made the quick drive home, soaking wet (thanks, Tul).  

I also thought this was the perfect place for a wedding, so if anyone is looking for an off-the-beaten path, romantic, and beachfront locale for an intimate wedding, definitely check this place out.  I don't even know if they do weddings, but they definitely should.  I was also thinking that I would love to shoot an engagement session here, so if any of my future clients are willing to take a few hours out of their day for a little side trip, I promise it will be worth your while.  I'll drive, and I'll even buy the beers.  Just sayin'.

Julie ComfortComment