Lost in Costa Rica

This is Tully inside a giant mouth at the San Jose Children's Museum.  It was super fun.  For Tully.  The rest of us were bored to tears.

Then we left San Jose and found ourselves at the Hotel el Ocotal, where we watched the sunset from the infinity pool...

We have been driving around, exploring northern Guanacaste.  The other day we got completely lost, down this road:

And we ended up here:

Getting lost in Costa Rica means ending up on some gorgeous secluded beach somewhere.  We were the only people on this beach for miles and miles.  I guess that was implied when I said it was "secluded."  Suddenly we weren't so stressed about being lost anymore.  I just wish I had fresh batteries in the point-and-shoot.  This is the last photo I captured before the little camera slipped into a coma.  So you'll just have to take my word for it that this was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  And the water was warm and the sand was impossibly soft.  It may have been a dream, I'm not quite sure.

Back at El Ocotal.  Tully stinks at hide-and-seek.  Below is the view of the Playas del Coco bay from the hotel restaurant.

And now we're finally settled in our seaside apartment in Surfside, between Playa Potrero and Playa Flamingo.  This is Tully staring out at the balcony with her new rain boots on the wrong feet.  This has been a pretty dry rainy season, though, so I hope she gets to use them.  Actually, I should be careful what I wish for...  Never mind.

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