At the Hotel Bougainvillea

I gotta give props to my talented hubby for the following photos:

He's gotten really good. All of these were taken at the gardens at the Hotel Bougainvillea in San Jose. It was pretty amazing that in the middle of a city there was this amazing, expansive piece of paradise. If anyone has to spend a night or two in San Jose I would definitely recommend this place. The beds were comfortable, the service was excellent (and believe me, we tested them every possible way), and the room service was predictably overpriced, but tasty. I got into the spirit and captured some photos of the nature-y goodness, too:

But of course I just couldn't help myself and kept focusing my lens on my favorite subject...

We took Tully toy shopping a couple days ago because somehow not a single toy made it down here with us. She picked out this stroller and the baby to go in it and I literally have never seen her happier. She pushed it all over the grounds of the hotel. It was awesome. Maybe next time I'll post a couple photos from the toy store excursion. It was pure joy. We also got her a Mr. Potato Head, which Joe and I have been pretty much hogging since they have added about 40 new parts since we were kids. It might just be the coolest toy ever.
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