New Design

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Not a whole lot going on lately, just busy with work stuff and on planning a couple trips.  Right now we are in San Jose for the month of October.  The journey here was pretty spectacular.  The drive takes about the same amount of time as the drive from San Francisco to L.A. that I did probably 25 times when I lived in California, but it went by much faster, probably because it was a pretty scenic drive.  We'll be posted here until November because it's a great launching place for all the other places we have to go, we can explore the Central Valley while we're here, and take advantage of all the amenities and services we don't have access to out on the coast.  Plus, we just learned that the fiscal year just ended and this is the best time for sale shopping, so we'll probably be hitting the malls and stocking up on everything we can.  And in the meantime we're enjoying watching Sabor del Amor with Spanish subtitles.  I've already learned some great new words!

In other news, we have made a couple of design changes to the Comfort Studio brand.  Nothing major, just a little modification of the current logo and colors.  You probably already noticed the changes to the blog, and here are all the new logos for the various branches of Comfort Studio:

I also designed some new wedding brochures and a portrait flyer as well.  The brochure below is a 5x5 trifold on fine art paper that should be pretty nice.  To envision it folded, the far right panel on the top spread is the front cover....

And this is a 5x8 postcard.  I've discovered since arriving in CR that there is actually a big need for portrait photography here that I wasn't entirely expecting. 

So that's about all for now.  I'll hopefully get a chance to post some San Jose photos soon and in two weeks I'll be posting our first Costa Rica wedding so stay tuned.  Can't wait!

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