I'm taking the show on the road!

Since the rainy season is upon us, I have a lot of travel coming up and the rest of the year is going to be pretty crazy. I am available for shooting and meeting up during my stops in each city, so if I'm heading your way send me an email! Also, I am working on a personal photography project and am looking for individuals, couples, and families in any of these places to shoot in your home or business so if you know anyone who might be interested in helping out with that, please get in touch for more information. The project should be a little untradtional and intimate but definitely fun, and I will provide the digital files to all participants. Here's my travel schedule:

Los Angeles: May 28 - May 31
New York/New Jersey: June 2 - June 18
San Francisco/Bay Area: June 21 - September 30*
Rio de Janeiro: October 5 - October 18
Costa Rica: October 20 through 2012

*I'm willing to travel to other parts of CA during this time.