morgan + andrew. elopement.

I just love elopements.  First of all, there's just something about running off to a foreign country to get hitched that is just overwhelmingly romantic.  Secondly, they are usually pretty short which means I can get in a day's work and still head out for a night of partying (uh, or in this case watching the American Idol finale in the hotel room).  This was a super fun shoot because the intimacy of the occasion afforded me lots of time to get to know everyone, which was cool because I felt less like an outsider and more like a guest.  Thanks Morgan + Andrew for trusting me to capture this beautiful (and clandestine) event, and for putting up with my "close shooting."

Details, details... This wedding took place in Manuel Antonio, the bride got ready at Gaia, and the ceremony was on Playitas Beach.  The officiant was Noel Ibo.