His Popiness

This is a totally random post, but I was looking through our old vacation photos and came across these two images from May 2007 when we went to Rome and felt like sharing.  By a total accident, we ended up getting tickets to see the Pope and by another sheer accident, we ended up with really good seats.  How many people have seen the Pope this close?

The above image is actually a photo of a photo.  You know how when you go on a rollercoaster there's a kiosk on the way out selling pictures of you looking like a jackass?  Well, they have that at the Vatican, too.  As you're leaving, there is a small storefront selling overhead photos from the mass you just left.  There were something like a billion people there, so it was pretty incredible we were able to actually find a photo that had us in it.  How lucky is that?

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