Chad + Annette

Chad e-mailed me last week after he had proposed to Annette while on vacation here in Costa Rica and they wanted to capture the moment with some engagement pictures.  I'm so glad he e-mailed when he did, because if he had waited a day I would've been out of town and I would've missed the opportunity to meet two of the most amazing, and ridiculously in love people I've ever had the pleasure of shooting.  It was just so obvious how much these two are just psyched to have one another and I think (I hope) these photos really express that.  To be in their presense was so incredible, it was like their love was totally contagious or something because the whole drive home all Amy and I could talk about was love, love, love and all things cheesy, sappy, and sweet.  I can't help but just smile when I look at these pictures because I think they really capture how beautiful Chad and Annette really are.  These were taken at Lola's at the Beach at Playa Avellanas.  Oh, and that's a sleeping pig in the bottom left corner of the above photo.

Thanks guys for trusting me.  It was an enormous pleasure to meet you both.  You made my job easy.