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lisa + andrew. osa wedding.

When I talked to Lisa on the phone the first thing she said was that she was drunk on margaritas and right away I knew I liked her.   But when I finally met Lisa and Andrew recently on the southernmost tip of the Osa Peninsula, I liked them even more than several months of phone chats and emails could have prepared me for.  The thing is, it's obvious right away that these two are supposed to be together, and the purely mathematical reason is that Andrew's wit + Lisa's laugh = pure bliss.  I got to spend quite a bit of time getting to know these two, thanks in part to the cozy, family-style vibe at the Bosque del Cabo Lodge.  They've set things up in such a way that they really encourage their guests to hang out and get to know one another, and since only cool people are allowed to stay there (just kidding, it must've just been a coincidence), it was really fun.   (Side note: this place is awesome for a million other reasons, too, and I highly recommend it.)  Anyway, by the time the actual wedding rolled around, they felt like old friends and so their ceremony was one of the most special, intimate, heartfelt, and emotional that I have been witness to.  Here are just a few photos from my time with them...

Lisa + Andrew, thanks for having me there, and welcoming me into your lives.  I had so much fun with you both.  You epitomize Pura Vida.