Ode to Catherine

If you ever get to hear my true, un-self-conscious, full-throttle cackle of a laugh, it is probably in response to something Catherine said or did.  Because no one—literally no one—can make me laugh like she does.  No one gets my sense of humor the way she does or knows exactly how to deliver something in just the right way to wrest it out me in all of its guffawing, loud-mouthed, unabashed glory.  My real laugh is something I used to be embarrassed about.  It is truely something to behold, a full-body heaving and cacaphony of noises arresting and humorous.  But now, having come to terms with it and no longer stifling it when it comes forth, I associate it with my friendship with Catherine because never has anyone so appreciated my real laugh like she does.  For that I am eternally grateful.

That, among a million other things because I feel so blessed to have someone as funny, beautiful, creative, intelligent, and inspiring as her in my life.  And she really is all of those things.  It seems like a statistical improbability, but somehow it's true.  Plus she has really great taste in people (ahem...).  

Cath, I hope you have an amazing four-day birthday weekend that I'll be celebrating with you in spirit.  And may your 30th year be your best year ever, full of all the things that bring you joy and happiness, especially time for friends, family, and making your amazing art that I am completely envious of and always love....

An amazing person and talented artist, you can learn more about her and see more of her work here and here.

Cath, I love you and miss you and really hope to see you soon, preferably lying on a Costa Rican beach reading trashy magazines and laughing about nothing in particular.  Thanks for being in my life and happy birthday.

P.S. The above photo is totally outdated, but it makes me smile.

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