Road Trip - Update

Well we finally arrived late last night in New Jersey to stay with TG, JoJo, and the Griz and sleep in a comfortable bed for a change.  Day 2 of our road trip we hightailed it to Memphis for waffles at the Blue Plate Cafe (good but not extraordinary), a stop off in the air conditioning of the huge and modern Memphis Library, where we read some children's classics in Spanish, and then lunch at Cozy Corner BBQ, which again was good, but not extraordinary, as promised.   Then we hit the road and made it just past Knoxville where we holed up for the night.

Day 3 we slept in and got on the road at about 10.  The highlight of the day was that our waitress went into labor in the middle of breakfast.  The rest of the day was just driving.  We covered Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  This was our third time doing this drive (mine, Joe's, and Lamar's) and definitely the last.  Seems like the road gets longer every time.  Tully did remarkably well on her first road trip, only having one major meltdown.

In other news, we are finally able to decipher some of Tully's new words.  We've learned that "Bob" is in fact Mom and "Ab" is Dad.  Oh.

Gotta run.  Steaks were just pulled off the grill....

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