New Tattoos!

**Private aside to my mother:  Mom, feel free to just skip this post.  You won't like it.** 

Yesterday Joe and I decided to treat ourselves to new tattoos thanks to Rachel at True Blue here in Austin.  She was really great.  I got really into heraldry last year and wanted to design a unique family crest for our new and growing family, and this is the concept I came up with.  Our good friend and talented artist Matt Rebholz drew these up for us based on my idea.  We also wanted slightly different variations on the theme.  Joe got the original just as Matt had drawn it, and I decided to change up the type of bird, season of the tree, and the shape of the banner.  All in all, though, they're both true to the concept and I think they compliment each other nicely.



BTW, They're not to scale.  Mine is actually about 3/4 the size of Joe's.