Happy Holidays

Between packing, moving, shopping, traveling, and partaking in the holiday festivites, I plan on being a bad blogger for the next three weeks or so. But as soon as we return to Costa Rica we have some fun shoots planned and I look forward to posting those in January.  We will also be making an exciting announcement about the future of Comfort Studio sometime after the 12th, so stay tuned. 

We will be spending the holidays in New Jersey, hoping for snow, so Tully can discover the joys of sledding, snowball fights, and building real snowmen. Hopefully we will get into the holiday spirit once we arrive there on Monday, because it's pretty easy to forget it's even December here. Aside from the occasional strand of twinkling lights, there are very few reminders that Christmas is upon us. We don't watch a ton of tv, but it seems that even the over-the-top bombardment of Christmas commericals is at a minimum this year.  Plus we both grew up on the east coast and have come to associate holiday season with fuzzy hats and mittens and fires in the fireplace.  Not much of any of those things in these parts.

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely and cozy holiday season with friends and family.  Warmest Wishes from all of us at Comfort Studio.  I have a feeling 2009 is going to be the best year yet.

Julie Comfort3 Comments