Havana—with it's well-worn timelessness and beautiful decay—is pretty much a photographer's dream. So it's ironic, then, that I took almost no photos when I was there last year. Partly because it's so famously photographed that I didn't necessarily feel I had anything to add about Havana itself, and also the real photo ops were the people, and I am not a street photographer. I wish I was, but I have neither the social skills or audacity to shoot people who aren't asking to be shot. I have a deep love and respect for street photography and am so inspired by it, but I accept that will never be my thing.

As I started to put together this post I wished I had taken more photos that week, but I also am grateful that experience is just mine. I was so present that week. Connected and engaged in a way I might not have been if I was constantly on the lookout for the perfect shot. The best moments were the kind not really possible to capture in photos.  

Photos shot with Fuji x100t, iPhone 6, and a Fujifilm disposable underwater camera. 

Alix & Camille, Paris

Kids have this amazing ability to communicate without language. When we met Alix and Camille it hardly mattered that Tully and I didn't speak much French and they spoke no English. We made it work for the three days that we stayed with them and their lovely mother, Dorothée in Montmartre. I took these photos one afternoon when we were just hanging out in their apartment between site-seeing and croissant-tasting on our first visit to Paris last year. It was Tully's dream to go. Even though I am fairly well traveled, remarkably I had never been to Paris in my previous six or seven visits to Europe so it was special we got to experience it for the first time together. I love the ordinariness of these images. It was such a simple day really—eating ice cream, drinking wine on the balcony at sunset, watching a movie, playing dress-up—and this is exactly what that day felt like. 

Shot with Fuji x100t and iPhone 6