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Client Testimonials


Michelle + Mackenzie

Julie, Words cannot describe my appreciation of your talent and eye on our wedding photos and day after photos! You are one talented lady!! From the bottom of my heart, they are the best wedding photos I have ever seen!! You are AMAZING!!


JULIE! I am soooo floored. The images and moments you captured make my stomach flip with delight each and every time I see them! I can barely put into words how thankful we are to forever have these moments to go back and’s just...happiness.

Lindsey + Grant

Julie, it was an honor to have you photograph our day! Thank you so much for coming all that way to share with us a day that we both can describe as perfect. We could not be any happier. You were able to capture all of the moments, sappy and happy, that we can now cherish for the rest of our lives together. You truly have a gift and we are so blessed to have shared our memories with you.


Melissa + Noah

Thank you for capturing our wedding so beautifully. I don’t believe anyone else would have been able to nail the feelings and sights of the day as well as you. Even by the time the photos were sent to us, I had forgotten small moments and feel so blessed to have these precious memories saved. It’s so nice how you went with the flow of the day, never making anyone feel uncomfortable, but always managing to nail the perfect shot of the moment.


Kara + Carlos

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for all the photos from our wedding! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! Thank you so much for making our day so special and documenting it beautifully. It’s been so hard coming back to reality and real life these last couple weeks, seeing the photos definitely helps take us back to that special day- we wanna do it all over again! Lots of love and Thanks

Van + Hiep

julie julie julie, where to start and what to say. So so grateful for your skills (not only in how you captured memories for us but also for drinking Mat under the table). fun times are always around the corner which your personality easily inspires and encourages! The photos are all i could ask for but i expected nothing less from you :) love love love! you’re part of the family now - you passed the toe wrestling initiation and ability to eat weird looking foods. a belated but hearty THANK YOU!

Diane + Rishi

First, I want to thank you so much for everything you did to capture our big day! I really truly appreciated the professionalism, hard work, time, passion, etc... you put into our day, your genuine spirit and dedication was definitely noticed and appreciated. THANK YOU...just doesn’t say enough. While looking through the pictures, it feels like I am reliving the day...which is what made me fall in love with your work in the first place. Gorgeous!