Margaux Gamble // +506 6080 1025

There's an honesty and curiosity to how I try to view the world, and most importantly, the people in it. I catalogue the setting, atmosphere, and ambience of the nature surrounding a moment, as well as identifying the emotion of the scene to capture everything that the moment was... In my work I don't want to let you forget a thing. I hope that when you see my pictures, you can all relate to that indescribable moment, and feel closer to each other somehow, because those feelings are common to us all without barriers.

I've traveled many miles and met many people and I'm always ready to spontaneously hop in the car and take off on a road trip. I love seeing new trends develop, any excuse to dress up, and eating food and drinking wine with friends. I would have a different dinner party every night of the week if someone else was willing to clean up!    


Costa Rica November through March
Europe April through August
US September and October
Always available to travel


April + Chris // Bowties & Bliss

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